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Institute of Global Innovation, Economics, and Logistics (IGIEL) is an independent, free-market, non-profit think-tank addressing critically important current issues, challenges and opportunities of the World, societies and individuals. IGIEL promotes interdisciplinary research to explain and propel international economic growth and prosperity. IGIEL strives to contribute to creating better and more fulfilling lives.




IGIEL supports and promotes innovative business. The Institute responds to economic, social and political globalization by providing knowledge, unbiased opinions and comments, and stimulating exchange of opinions, and facilitating new business solutions. We identify and consider critical World’s business challenges and opportunities. Research, education and business is a real triple-helix that may create innovation, progress, and effective business.




The Institute bases its activities on economic education. IGIEL is striving to concentrate actions and behaviors on sound and expanded understanding of economics and related social developments. IGIEL attempts to contribute to better understanding of fundamental principles of economics, logistics and international cooperation. It is also focused on broadening and accelerating the development of new economic, political and social thinking to meet the great challenges of the 21st century.




IGIEL’s misson is to promote better understanding of mutual relationships among interdisciplinary innovation, economic development, transport, logistics and infrastructure modernization and expansion to promote mutually beneficial, global trade and business, and nurture a global community of new economic leaders by inspiring new and innovative thinking to engage and respond to the challenges of the 21st century.


Our Goals


IGIEL creates an environment and promotes courage for free thinking, logical reasoning and arguments, and unrestricted expression of opinions on critical issues of global business and research and our lives. The Institute listens and responds, and encourages various opinions and reasoning. The Institute’s important objective is also to nurture innovative and inspired research, education and business leaders who can address interdisciplinary challenges of future development and progress.


Just think!


IGIEL attempts to make a contribution to broadening and accelerating the development of new economic thinking that can lead to solutions for the great challenges of the 21st century. It pursues global progress by using human exceptional capacities to think and be innovative.

Stay informed!


IGIEL provides information and initiates international contacts to expand knowledge and stimulate innovative thinking, fact-based reasoning, and encourages discussion on critically important issues of The World, nations, and individuals.

Exchange knowledge!


IGIEL promotes and encourages various forms of international and interdisciplinary dialogue. It pursues the truth based on knowledge, innovative thinking, and exchange of opinions and concepts.




IGIEL was established based on 30 years of experience, intellectual potential and achievements of experts associated with universities in several countries (primarily in the United States and Europe), international consulting firms, law offices and NGOs. We have special cooperative arrangements with Infratrans Group. LLC, IP International Consulting Group, LLC, and The CATI Group and others. Our experts have extensive, on the average 20 years plus, experience in governments and public entities, and the private sector in 30 countries.


Our approach


We are independent


IGIEL is entirely independent of any political interest, business organization or organization. It is funded by voluntary donations from individuals, companies, and foundations supporting its work. It does not accept nor performs contracts work which may compromise its independence. IGIEL does not promote any economic theory, dogma, concept but presents and analyzes all of them. IGIEL believes in human beings’ right for analysis, assessment, full access to public data and information, constructive discussion and criticism. Innovation requires openness and freedom, and opportunities to share new ides with everybody.


Our Audiences


Economic Thinkers

The World is already a global community of millions of economic thinkers, ranging from Nobel Prize winning economists to businessmen, politicians, teachers and students who have emerged out from the shadows of customary conformist and orthodox (prevailing) economic thought, touted by those who cannot be innovative. We advocate and support new thinking and provide the promise of a free and open discourse to all who accept this concept.


IGIEL wants to involve in innovative thinking average citizens, believing that the World will develop not when elites are happy, but when the societies are satisfied. This can be achieved only by innovation –which is leading to change.

Young Generation

We believe in a mix of the old and the new. IGIEL is privileged to attract and cherishes opinions of seasoned and well-experienced experts, researches, and businessmen. At the same time however, IGIEL focuses on devising opportunities and ways for the new generation to speak out. This World will be theirs (new generation) – before you know it! IGIEL supports the new generation of economics scholars, innovation-minded individuals and attempts to create new outlets for their ideas.


Our Motto


You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life. - Sir Winston Churchill


IGIEL endorses this statement. We promote innovative thinking even if it is not fully understood and accepted by all. Dialog and free expression of ideas is necessary to meet the challenges of the 21st century. We invite all who are willing to take this risk. Isn’t it a part of being innovative? If you have doubts, ask Leonardo da Vinci or Galileo – it took years for the societies to understand their geniuses and innovation.