IGIEL promotes and carries out independent and rigorous analysis of the World, nations, regions, local and individual developments. We identify challenges, opportunities, difficulties and obstacles. We believe that economic progress and peace can be achieved by innovative and open-minded thinking, and sharing opinions with others.

The analysis and communication of ideas form the core of our work. We preset working papers, analyses, and expert opinions at IGIEL Website. Our experts frequently contribute to newspapers, broadcast media and websites, and scientific congresses and conferences to further the dissemination of free and open-minded thinking and innovative ideas.

Our experts provide fresh opinions and develop new ideas on how to address economic and social challenges and developments. We analyze and provide recommendations on economic activities and actions, and policy measures. We respond to believes and opinions, and present ours and those of our constituencies. We may disagree with the obvious, but sometimes the obvious is not so obvious and may need changes or adjustments. The majority of innovative ideas involves non-standard usage of things that we know and thinking out-of-the-box.

Access to Data and Information


IGIEL’s Website provides information on events, developments and issues which we find important for our mission. The selection of materials is that of ours and our audiences. IGIEL promotes dialog so we are eager to receive and respond to the opinions of our stakeholders and the public. We concentrate on that what is important for innovative thinking in economics, transport, logistics and infrastructure. The scope of our activities and areas of interest must be adjusted to the demand and needs. It may change and should change, for the World changes too.




We support, promote and produce reports, books and papers on all areas of economics and economic policy related with transport, logistics and infrastructure and their impact on global economic development. We cooperate with e-journals Forum Oeconomicum, and Forum Oeconomicum Europe. We provide publishing opportunities with Forum Oeconomicum Publishing and IGIEL Publishing Office. We publish papers developed by our experts and also other authors, who are accepted by our Board of reviewers.

Our experts also publish internationally in several countries and numerous journals. We have cooperative agreements with publishing offices in the U. S. and Europe.

Conferences/Professional Events


IGIEL got engaged in organizing and promoting a series of conferences, seminars, lectures and working lunches to bring together entities and individual interested in the IGIEL activities and innovative thinking. This is a new activity for IGIEL which will be actively pursued in the months to come.

The IGIEL website is designed as a valuable source of educational materials and makes both dialog on economics, logistics and infrastructure freely available around the world.

IGIEL also provides conference and event information. We promote all interesting activities supporting innovative thinking and international cooperation. We also participate in conferences organized by others, promoting independent and free thinking on the World, global economy, transport, infrastructure ad logistics. We also provide sponsorship and patronage to selected conferences, events, and activities. We do not sponsor political activities or other activities that may compromise IGIEL’s independency. IGIEL also disseminates results of leading conferences and events.


Education and Communication


The Institute’s website provides a rich environment for learning and collaboration around economics. Through extensive use of multimedia content and social media, we are able to connect up a global community to share ideas, experience events in common and discuss pressing developments related to economics. The website contains video interviews with experts and figures shaping the future of economics and providing examples of innovative thinking. Plus we offer plus a range of thought provoking blogs.

We ensure that innovative ideas are heard by opinion formers, policymakers, business, and the general public through a wide range of media, from newspapers to our website and blog. We also prepare and disseminate briefs on the most important issues related to the IGIEL’s scope of activities. We strive to provide high quality and professionally honest expertise even if it does not always supports or praises the activities of the addressees.

Grants and Awards


The Institute develops activities directed to providing grants to individuals or teams proposing research in new and innovative thinking in the areas related to IGIEL’s scope of activities. Grants allow the in-depth examination of an issue or development of a concept.

The Institute intends to create opportunities for funding projects that would not generally be funded through conventional academic funding channels.